Monday, June 20, 2016

Tips to Save on Insurance Premiums

Between car, health, life and other forms of insurance that we pay for each month, the premiums quickly add up. Here are a few tips to keep the costs of having insurance to a minimum.

If there is something that you want, ask for it. This might mean using a broker for your insurance needs instead of signing up on-line, but the potential for savings makes it worthwhile.

Want to lower your premiums? Start with making some life changes that make you look less risky on paper, (and in real life, too.) Dare I say it? Lose some weight, quit smoking, take a defensive driving class. These actions can not only help you save money on your insurance, but save your life, too.

Never stop comparing prices. Comparing prices does not mean making endless phone calls, either. The internet and sites like make is simple and fast to get the best price for your insurance.

Bundled plans are not always the cheapest. Consider looking at each service you are getting separately and see if you are really saving money in the bundle.

Your credit history can be used by insurance companies to determine your rates, so keep an eagle eye on it. Knowing your credit score is an important part of taking charge of your finances anyway, and should be checked yearly. Checking regularly also helps avoid identity theft and fraud.

Many organizations such as companies or schools offer discounted rates for members or alumni. Check and see if your alma mater or company offers such savings on insurance.

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